Delivering Change Through The Power Of Vision

Do you have a vision for your life and, if so, how big is it? Can you see yourself living that life now, even if the outer manifestation of it isn’t yet visible? While many say you have to see it to believe it, others are saying, you have to believe it to see it. Which are you? This is where and when the foundation for a life worth living is established. The practice is to contemplate your life as visionary.  You have a completed idea in the creative mind that knows no limitations. In other words, the sky really is the limit; the only caveat is that this creative mind is waiting for you to upload the design blueprints known as your belief system. What is your vision for your life? Are you looking up, or looking down? In a publication it was stated that “Be mindful of where your predominate thoughts go because whether you are aware of it or not, that is the design plan you are uploading”. (“The Power of Having Vision for your Life” 2013)

With that said, I would love to share with you an excerpt from a teaching I received some time ago. It was a normal midweek service of prayer and bible study; you would have thought such teaching will be in some leadership conference. An eloquent and powerful ministration on the “Power of Vision” by a renowned man of God of our time, – Bishop Mensa Otabil is a well-tested pastor, an educator, an entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker. He is the founder of International Central Gospel Church and oversees the multi-faceted network of ministries of the International Central Gospel Church worldwide, with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. In 2013 he was considered the twenty fourth most influential Ghanaian. He is also the founder and Chancellor of Central University College. Dr. Mensa Otabil is a respected Christian statesman.  His over-riding passion is to see the timeless principles of the Bible made applicable to the renewal and transformation of Africa.

I have been under many teachings on Vision, but this particular ministration had  heavy impact upon me and I think it’s going to make a long lasting effect. I enjoin you to have an open mind as you read through this article. It will challenge you if you don’t have a vision for your life yet and if you do, it will also add value to the plan you have for your life. I pray this will bless someone.

According to Bishop Otabil, many people have being in confusion to what vision is all about, some see  or limit it to a spiritual revelation. The word Vision does not need a complicated definition. It simply means knowing where you are going. Prov. 29:18 gives an insight to the importance of vision for a man- “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he”. In other words vision is channeling your strength towards a direction.  It is the ability to think about a plan with imagination; in other words mental image of the future. With this explanation we can come to a conclusion that vision is a restriction to help guide you towards your goal in life.

With this understanding to turn a dream into a vision means making hard choices: it means ditching frivolous attachments and speculative leanings. That might sound like it would suck all the joy out of your dream, but consider this saying – “Not every visionary is a household name but every visionary makes a difference”. The conclusion of the man of God’s teaching is to make a 20 year plan for our life, making year 2015 the launch. He enjoins us to join the ranks of those who whether big and small, are making an impact because they are living their vision and not merely indulging some dream.  As I listen to the man of God, I thought to myself- Being a dreamer is a prerequisite for being a visionary but it is hardly given that every dreamer becomes a visionary. Vision calls for refinement and many dreamers just aren’t willing to do the work or make the sacrifices that such refinement requires. I once read an article that on this same topic of vision, where the writer stated that –“Vision without execution is hallucination”.

As you read through this article, you may want to go back and check the plan you have for yourself and your generation. The following principles may help you in making necessary adjustments.

Excerpts from Bishop Mensa Otabil-

“A man without a vision is a man without a future and such individuals always make reference to past glory which has become their comfort zone”.

In order to have a good picture of this quote, we could use the attitude demonstrated by the Israelites on their journey to the Promised Land. The bible record that they almost lost the vision of Canaan land while they were in the wilderness, they made several references to the times they were in Egypt.

The component of your vision must have; Foresight- the essence of foresight lies far beyond the narrow or now, it is the ability to predict and prepare for the future. A clear focus on where you are going and what’s coming up on the road ahead.  Insight- Is the catalyst that inspires the creation of your outer vision, i.e. it is your inner inspiration, aspiration and purpose conceived to manifest your vision. However, the inspiration, you must have the ability to interpret and respond to the present.  The finally component to your vision is the Hindsight-   It is the ability to reflect and learn from the past, check the missed obvious or what is hidden in plain sight. Suzanne Bates in her book ‘Motivate like a CEO’ suggests probing questions to reflect on your guiding principles. Some of question you may need to ask yourself include; what’s going well? Why?…What’s not going well? Why?…What would you change if you could?….What would be the impact of that?…How would you go about that?

What Vision Does

Vision contradicts your present position; in essence it does not match your current situation. There is a saying that” you must be scared of your goals in life because if the plan you have for your tomorrow does not contradict your present state, then you  may need to go back to the drawing board.
Vision will challenge your comfort zone, laziness and confront your pleasure.
Vision conceives new way around issues which can lead to discovering new of new opportunities for you.
An authentic vision will speak, in essence it will connect you to resources
Vision gets your energy focused meaning you are not going round in circles.
What Do You Do with Vision

Write it down, the act of writing  the vision down serves as a connection and further commits you to the plan and . Hab 2:2-3
“And then God answered: “Write this. Write what you see.
Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run.
This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait.  It’s on its way. It will come right on time”

Your vision must be broken down in explainable and achievable terms that will produce action and inspiration to you and others.

The vision must have a time frame because it’s for an appointed time. In essence, is to have milestone….
It must be reliable and manifest.
A vision will die if it is not regularly communicated; it’s like putting a mission statement in a drawer.
Vision requires perseverance.
Clearly, vision is God-given for those who believe it. Many visionaries believed in their vision, so much so that it had no alternative but to become a reality, even years after their passing. Vision is powerful when it takes on a life of its own.  There are people who will support you in your vision if you are willing to stand in it, own it and act on it. We are all visionaries — that is to say, we each hold in our mind a vision for our life, what it can or can’t be, might or might not be, or, will or won’t be. So the question really isn’t, do you have a vision for your life – if you are alive, you should have a vision. The real question is what is your vision? Having a plan is your anchor for life. Vision makes your activity meaningful and you are more motivated because you have a picture in mind. I will like to end this article with the words of our father in the Lord, The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A. Adeboye – “ Motivation is the forerunner of any tangible achievement in life; the result you get from your effort on anything is at most a function of the motivating force driving you.

Challenge yourself to find the power within and claim what you deserve!

God bless!

Motolani Adeboye-Daini