Eagle’s Fellowship

This is a fellowship of faithful, spirit- filled, purpose-driven men and women who are at least 40 years of age. Members yield themselves to seeing that the vision of God for the church is fulfilled, via:

– Finding avenues to raise fund and resources for church project
– Organizing activities that will moved the church forward
– Assisting & supporting members in time of need.
– Promoting love and harmony among members
– Attending to all other matters that bring about growth of the church

To achieve these goals, members are encouraged to:

– Attend meetings punctually
– Pay monthly dues and other contributions, whenever need arises
– Look out for the interest of one another, in the spirit of brotherly kindness.

Meetings are held quarterly, unless otherwise indicated. For further info or ideas contact fellowship president,Sis Abiola Ojo@203-278-1778 or Elder Gideon Ojo@203-275-7120