JANUARY 2020: Our Month of Empowerment


Congratulations to you, and glory to God for bringing us all to a brand new year! As with many things in life, a new year brings much excitement, hopes and aspirations. It will be a glorious one for us in Jesus Name.

A new year is like a brand new toy which a user has previously not been accustomed to- knowing how to use such item becomes critical, as they toy  an easily be damaged, misused, or at the very best, be underutilized. This is the reason why you as a child of God need His empowerment more than ever before- you have neither walked nor experienced this season before. The good news is that God is familiar with the situation, and has promised to equip us with all the support we need. In fact, He confirms the extent of His availability in 2Peter 1:3, (Amplified Bible)

“For His divine power has given us absolutely everything necessary for a dynamic spiritual life and godliness…” What a blessed assurance we have!

This new year, the Lord will empower you in all areas. There is no doubt that He is very aware of all you need for a victorious experience. Put your trust in Him wholly and you will not be ashamed. Gideon’s experience was not much different from yours- God saw he was filled with trepidation about what laid ahead and so declared to him “ Go in this strength of yours, and you will save Israel from the hand of the Midianites” (Judges 6:14, KJV) God has not changed, and so He is saying the same thing to you. No “Midianite” will prevail against you- in His Name, you are empowered for a victorious year!