Technology Support

Technology Support Department

Technology Support Department (TSD), otherwise called Technical Department (TD) is an indispensable and critically important group in today’s church, as it plays a strategic role in church structure and operation. The department ensures proper/functional equipment and coordinates active use of the equipment. Successful functioning of all departments depends on the performance of TSD, so we work hard to ensure that happens. The department’s functions includes but not limited to:

– Regularly carrying out inspections of the instruments/ Equipment used for the day- to- day running of church services
– Trouble-shooting of all technical problems
– Involvement in planning and execution of modifications and major repairs
– Providing technical input during building/remodeling efforts of the church

The technical department is poised to see to the smooth operation of all equipment used in the conduction of services. We especially welcome willing/skilled adults and youths in the church to display their talents and, so we give them certain responsibilities to aid their growth and commitment to God’s kingdom, just like Daniel in the bible. Any suggestion or contribution to improve the hitch free running of the department and the church are welcome. All correspondences to Deacon. Kayode Atoyebi @ 203 583 1481