Dominion Chapel Youth

Dominion Chapel Youth group seeks to exemplify the scripture in 1st Peter 2:-“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood…” The youth are guided in the importance of seed- Whatever we do with our seed will determine our harvest tomorrow. A good seed planted today will grow to bring a harvest of better world. We thus encourage this “next generation” of the church to stand for Christ in their endeavors. Dominion Chapel Youth department is involved in activities such as organizing car wash to help the community, talent shows, etc. We participate in field trips to theme parks, attend social gatherings, and often join the adults in other church evangelism projects. We believe we as youths are part of the great commission, and so welcome all other young people out there to join us! For further information about the youth department, please contact the church at Tel: 203-209-9543 or 203-209-3673 , Email: